Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Something I didn't expect was that the photography workshop I'm doing at the moment would make me look at pictures differently. I thought I already noticed every important detail that adds so much to the final product, but I was wrong. The pictures of Fergus Padel make me realize that even more. The depth of field that you add to your photos can be such a strong factor when making ordinary objects or settings look extraordinary. That's why, for example, I loved the cinematography in Andrea Arnold's film Fish Tank, because it constantly went in and out of focus, thus playing with the depth of field that adds so much to a picture. It made me realize why this one picture that I took in Paris kept surprising me everytime I look at it, because the objects photographed, the setting, at a first glance, all of that doesn't look that special. But looking at it now with I guess a somewhat fresh perspective, I see now that the depth of field is what makes this picture stand out and lifts the ordinary to an artistic and aesthetic level.

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That picture from Paris...

On Sunday my polaroid camera died or, hopefully, it's in some kind of coma. I'll try to buy some new film soon and see if it works when I replace the old film with a new one. Else I'll be searching eBay for a new camera. The dissapointment was immense though. I was so ready that morning to take a picture. The light was formidable.

PS - Fernando Eimbcke I adore you! Your movies are a huge inspiration. Thanks. Still can't believe I found Temporada De Patos for only 3 euros yesterday (!) It's ideal for me, but the movie deserves way more money than that actually. Oh well.

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