Tuesday, 3 November 2009


I put a note through the mailbox of the girl who provides my internet. I need the password to get myself connected! So I'm back at my parents' place after a really nice morning/afternoon in Amsterdam and my own city Haarlem. It has been raining for a while now but it's better 'cause it keeps the people off the street! :)

I went to the library in my city and look what I found when I went to the photography section!!!

Cool eh?

Fashion Gone Rogue is like the female version of The Fashionisto. I was already wondering where all the female model editorials went! ;)

This picture comes straight off that site. Note that it's not safe for work 'cause it features a tittieeeeeeeee!!

Shot by Sebastian Faena

The model is Dree Hemingway, great-granddaughter of none other than Ernest Hemingway. Yep, the author and Nobel Prize winner. She's also the daughter of Mariel Hemingway, the actress best known for her Academy Award nominated role in Woody Allen's Manhattan. At the time of the filming she was only 16.

Devon Aoki by Sebastian Kim:

Sophie Vlaming by Annemarieke van Drimmelen:

More at Fashion Gone Rogue

Because I've been in the mood for The Antlers lately I've started to listen to Warpaint again a group consisting of three girls and one guy whose music is a bit hard to pin down. But I can say that I definitely like what I hear.

This is a video for their song called Stars

Warpaint - Stars from Adam Harding on Vimeo.