Sunday, 22 November 2009


I'm so tired I should sleep.

I keep taking these random pictures when I'm in the train. Sometimes I happen to sit right next to a really dirty window which I love 'cause they happen to add so much to the scenery outside. It's like the world becomes distorted somehow. Some of the pictures I took came out quite nicely. Dark bluish and haunting. You wouldn't even know what it is you're looking at.

At the photography workshop of last Thursday our teacher showed a picture he recently took on a trip to Norway. He showed us both the original picture as well as the photoshopped one. It was such a big difference. The first had the composition and you could see the potential but it was very dark and grainy. But the photoshopped one seemed to have come straight from a magazine, it looked perfect and so clear. Perhaps it's time I start looking into post-production as well. Or at least a little. I've been thinking about sending my teacher one of my pictures and ask him to photoshop it to see the changes he would make.

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