Thursday, 5 November 2009


Sometimes you think you can't find new love for a band you already think is amazing, but Yeasayer have officially achieved just that. There new song Ambling Alp is not just good, it's brilliant! It's one of their best and most catchiest songs to date. It's as if they've made passionate love to Animal Collective and this is the result. I've played this song out loud in my room several times now and it just gets bettter and better. I should not listen too much to it though. At one point I thought it might be better to stop listening to it completely so that when the full album is released I'm able to experience the complete effect. No doubt that Odd Blood is my most anticipated album right now. I can't wait to hear it. I'll probably die of excitement :-)

I've added the song to the music player so when you scroll down long enough it automatically starts playing.
I also think I like Mumford & Sons as well as Sea Wolf, two bands I'll keep my eye on!

I still have no internet at my place, girl must be on vacation or something. Here's to hoping that my neigbour has the password.

A picture for you

Jakob Wiechmann by Gehrke
Via The Fashionisto

I want to buy my Julian Casablancas ticket, but I cant. Something's up with the Ticketmaster site and it has been like this for days now. Paradiso was going to make an anouncement for why the selling of tickets for this concert has been put to a halt. Hopefully I can get mine soon and the gig will still happen!

Last night I went to see Passion Pat. This concert was supposed to take place earlier somewhere this summer but than they cancelled because of vocal problems. I then saw them at Lowlands and was very underwhelmed because the singer' voice was so weak and completely overpowered by the music. This time, however, he sounded way better, though there still seemed to be a lot lacking. I've been wondering what it is and here's what I came up with. :-) They seem to not believe in themselves too much as a band as a result that I constantly felt amazed by all these jumping teenagers who appeared to have been to to there first cocnert ever 'cause I kept thinking, why all this excitement, it's just Passion Pit, not MGMT or Franz Ferdinand or any other band!!! Passion Pit is just okay. It made me wonder, because at a time I did really like Passion Pit and they could have been a serious 'it' band for me and during the time their album leaked onto the net I had mad love for them. But then I saw them at Lowlands and the whole thing just fell flat and ever since my love for them has been very low. I'll call this the Black Kids effect 'cause there was a moment I went crazy 'bout this band, telling everyone they should take a listen, but then I grew tired of them and apparently they still had to learn a lot 'cause there live shows didn't seem to be too good. As a result, a band like Fleet Foxes who also received similar buzz at that time, grew immensely in popularity because of a solid first album and great live performances while Black Kids' flame quietly burned out. I'm not saying that the same will happen to Passion Pit, their songs are still really good and I think better than Black Kids', but if they continue being like this live, I have doubts they will last this long. What I'm saying is that they too seem to think as themselves as just another band. I have a feeling they won't ever grow a really large fanbase and it seems to me they have that same believe. Last night I occasionally felt they were just a background band who would play at a wedding for instance or who are similar to a DJ playing in a club. When you're in a club dancing, being on a night out, you don't constantly watch the DJ, you're not faced with your head towards the DJ booth to see how he/she's doing. When you're at a concert everyone's attention is focused on the people on stage. But with Passion Pit I felt I could have easily turned away from the stage, 'cause what was happening out there was not that interesting to see. I felt like I was watching them rehearse or play by themselves. Even though it was live there was no live energy. It was as if they were playing for themselves like us people in the crowd weren't there. And Michael Angelakos, the singer, doesn't have any real stage presence, he doesn't know how to command the stage. It's like he's not singing to the audience, but just to himself. It's hard to explain and you probably can only fully understand what I mean when you would have been there yourself. In the end I even was hoping for it to be over soon 'cause I was tired and wanted to crawl into my bed. Next week I'll be seeing Mew. I expect them to be way better, so I'll see this as having been just a warm-up for the great things to come!

PS: There's a good chance I'll be waking up in Paris first day of the new year ;)

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