Monday, 14 June 2010


I hardly know anything about this guy, but I'm about to soon find out 'cause I'm downloading his debut very quickly! :P

I've listened to a song called No Problem on YouTube and also watched this short video

That's him. He goes by the name Perfume Genius and he looks pretty. He's also gay? Not that it matters, but it matters to me ;)

And here's some clear Edie Sedgwick interview footage I found. I was a bit Andy Warhol obsessed this afternoon. Kind of happens.

This is Chris Garneau and his voice is a bit like Sufjan's (Perfume Genius sounds like Sufjan too, a bit more even!), it sounds sweet and like a warm blanket giving you warmth on a cold night.

Sometimes things of beauty can really hurt

I like reading about people's lives I guess, that's why every now and then I enjoy reading interviews with people. Here's one with Mike Hadreas or Perfume Genius whatever you like to call him for this magazine called Dummy. I bet it's not for Dummies, but anyway, I've enjoyed reading this back and forth e-mail type of interview in which both interviewer and interviewee share bits and pieces of their lives. Makes me feel like a bit of a peeping Tom. It's nice they're so open about things so private.

On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 9:58 AM, Ruth Saxelby wrote:

Hey Mike,

Thanks for agreeing to have this email conversation with me.

I’m really moved by your music. Connected 4Ever had me sobbing yesterday. It’s very beautiful.

I’ve got quite a few things I want to ask you, but y’know, it’s a conversation so one at a time. Here goes…

It’s nearly 6pm here so it must be mid-morning for you. How are you doing? Sleep well?


On 14 Jan 2010, at 05:50, Mike H. wrote:


Thanks so much! Sorry for the slow response, i spent a hot minute away from my computer.

It’s actually mid-nighttime now. I remember that morning i had a dream my friend and I were brushing each other’s teeth. It was very casual, i felt very casual when i woke up.

Thank you again for your kind words.

Hope you are well


On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 11:22 PM, Ruth Saxelby wrote:

Hey Mike

No worries, time away from computers is definitely good for you. I need to do more of that.

I nearly asked you if you remembered your dreams. I usually do but my alarm just woke me up and mine slipped away from me.

Can you remember when you first got the urge to make music? What prompted it?

To continue reading the interview go here

Oh, and this was me today

With hat

Without hat

Drinking tea

Off to bed...

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