Thursday, 3 June 2010


I'm listening to Sigur Rós right now and already I feel a bit scared. I wasn't even feeling sad or anything, but now... I took sort of a nap and when I awoke I found myself in Ára Bátur and apparently sometimes I don't want to be alone while listening to Ára Bátur. And my head fills up with thoughts about tomorrow and tomorrow will be another day all by myself. And it's not like I'm constantly all by myself, when I go to work it's nice 'cause I get to talk to people, but it seems that isn't the same as really being with someone and right now I do feel really alone. I'll miss going to school on Saturday. In a couple of months I'll go there every day, but it's still a bit far away. There's still an entire summer vacation to survive. And I'm not that good with summer vacations. Always makes me feel the entire world is going on vacation with family or hangs out with friends, except for me. It always feels like such an effort not to end up feeling like I'm the one left all by himself.
So this is what Jónsi & co. do to me. I probably won't cry tonight 'cause that never happened to me before so I'm not expecting it to happen ever, not even tonight. Though it's said to be rather epic and very magical. I can't wait to see it but I have a feeling it would be nice if a lot of people would be able to hold my hand tonight even just for one song

The sun's not helping either you know, days like these are meant to be rainy days. Last Sunday seeing Joanna was perfect 'cause it was raining and I felt like I could hide, but today. No shelter

The lovely Lara Stone by Hort Diekgerdes

Girl's got summer in her eyes
Via Fashion Gone Rogue

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