Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I need to get myself a new job for the summer as I'm basically fired! Well, not really. It's just that this project we're doing at the moment wil come to a halt for like two months (they want to re-do the questions). Unless a new project happens to come along I'll be without a job. Thing is, in like two months I'll be going to school so there won't be any time to work I guess. Kind of sucks. Next Wednesday will be my last day and I'm not sure if I'll ever return

Here are my favourite looks from the Neil Barrett 2011 Spring/Summer collection

Via The Fashionisto

Here I am, poor 23 year old student who is hardly able to pay for his studies for the upcoming year but this kid does own a fucking Neil Barrett coat! YES. Silly, no?

And here's a bit from the show in movement

Poor girl at the end
Thanks to BryanBoy

Whereas fashion houses such as Gucci are playing it rather safe serving up nothing extremely revolutionary, Roberto Cavalli brings loose fit pants with wild patterns. Sometimes it's a bit out there, but that's good. I especially liked the second half of the show. Nice soundtrack as well. Too bad the quality of the video isn't that great

Z Zegna offers some nice looks as well

Again Dolce & Gabbana showed a collection this time being the one for their collection called D&G. It's just as awful as their earlier one. I mean, where is the design?! These clothes you're able to find in any ordinary warehouse. WTF?! A four year old could do better

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