Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I'm going to my parents' place to do a quick shave of the sides of my head then I'll head back home and work on some things for school and in the evening I'll be calling people. Last evening at the job for this week. Tomorrow night Jónsi!!

I watched this video for Kylie Minogue's new single yesterday. The song is quite good. I guess I have a bit of a weakness for her. A while ago I was reminded how I used to really like her album Fever and who doesn't remember that great video for Come Into My World by Michel Gondry

The video is a bit, hmmmm, I dunno :P unrealistic?? It looks fun though, but you will never see this happen on a ordinary day, unless it's a planned occasion.

I especially like this (notice the couple on the far left) and no one making a big deal out of it as far as I know. Step forward!

Lady Gaga, what to think of you? At first you seemed like a fraud to me, you still kind of do. But this teaser for your new video I've just seen might convince me a bit more in thinking that perhaps you do actually got 'it' (whatever that is) and are in it for the long run

Her videos seems to become better and better. Good for her!

I'm really anoying At Echo Lake by Woods, especially this track titled Pick-Up

By Mark Sanders

Via The Fashionisto

Loving the new Tokyo Police Club! Glad to have them back

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Hernâni Gomes said...

Her video is kool, looks like a commercial from Playstation a few years ago.

And it is a hot couple :D