Friday, 4 June 2010


He has a voice that has been heard by so many, that has touched so many, that has such a rich and unique sound and then to hear that voice live, right in front of you, coming out of this tiny body. He seems so sweet and sincere when he performs. I had the feeling he looked at me multiple times. Okay, let's be clear, his eyes are kind of off. So you can't really tell, but it did look as if he looked in my direction! :D The set was so big. There were these wonderful animations on huge screens, beautiful lighting and all band members wore really nice fantasy like costumes with long weaves of cloth hanging down their arms. It was like a fairytale. I'd wish I had another set of eyes for me to see, because there was just too much going on to see it all. I was standing in the middle, but completely at the front. I know it would have been better to keep distance so that I would have been able to get a complete view of the entire stage, but I just wanted to be close to the guy. To see him real near me. He's special this kid. I'd wish I had been there on Wednesday, then I could have decided to go again the following day and could have kept that distance to see the performance again from a different point of view. Jónsi sang some new songs but a lot of songs from his album Go as well. One new song in particular I really liked. It had Jónsi playing the piano and the drummer making sounds with objects, like scratching on this metal kind of thing or maybe it was iron, don't know, I'm not an expert when it comes to that kind of thing ;) He also did my favourite Lilikoi Boy but Animal Arithmetic really felt as the highlight of the evening for me. And that moment when the guys leave the stage and they come back and Jónsi is wearing a Indian feather hat or a warbonnet as they are called was so magical. It was like he reincarnated himself or something, transformed himself in this beautiful happy kid so colourful. It really moved me. It just spoke of so much joy. Overall I felt like I was standing in the middle of an art installation. I loved also seeing people around me look around them in wonder, like little kids going to, I don't know, the cinema for the first time, a museum or even a zoo maybe. Fascinated by all that's going on around them and to see them trying to grab it, make sense of it, but unable to, because it's gigantic and constantly moving and activating all senses simultaneously. Jónsi might be coming to the Lowlands festival but so far there has been no confirmation. All I know is that he's going to perform at a festival in Belgium which is not too far away from here and some bands playing that festival are also coming to Lowlands, so who knows. If he does I'll see him again for sure even though I doubt they bring the entire set with them, but I bet that even without the set Jónsi and his band are still able to create some magic.

I took a couple of pictures, not too many. During one song that started a but quietly I took a picture and you heard the noise my camera makes so I was like, oops, sorry, won't be doing that again! 'Cause as soon as he appeared on stage first time people immediately started to take pictures. The person next to me had a camera that made quite a loud noise and you could feel the people around getting a little bit tense because of it :P

By the way, supporting act Glasser looks very promising. I loved the energy of the singer



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