Sunday, 20 June 2010


Well done Versace, well done! It's all necklaces and a bit of rock and roll Elvis. Whoever was in charge of the hair department deseverves an A+ as well ;)

Oversized coat thingy, NICE!

Somehow it all looks just a tiny bit better in full sized still photographs than on film, no?

Even when they send down a half naked guy, like the one pictured below, it all looks much more fashion-y. Perhaps it's because he's skinny and has tattoos? :P

Next to Jil Sander this is the best collection I've seen so far which is surprising as their collection for Spring/Summer 2010 was awful awful awful!

I could go on and on with examples like the ones shown above

Via The Fashionisto

I know Calvin Klein and some others did a show as well but I've got more things to do next to talking fashion and watching all these runway shows so this is where it ends for now ;)

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