Monday, 31 August 2009


I had a meeting today for this other art school De Rietveld, but I've decided to stick with the HKU. I'm not sure if I'm ready yet for De Rietveld and the prepatory year at the HKU is less intensive than the one they offer there. Also there's a difference 'cause they have another sort of prepatory year, so two, and HKU just has one which I guess is a combination of the two they offer at De Rietveld Academie. So I made my decision. First class is this Saturday. Yes, classes are on Saturday. The rest of the week I don't have any classes though so I'm planning to do a workshop photography that starts in October.
Also, my thesis finally received a mark! I got a 7 which is more than enough for me. I'm done. I'm gonna get my masters degree and be a drs. :)

Here's a recent picture by Hedi Slimane to celebrate it all! :p
Via his official site

To congratulate me on my recent successes you can send me these boots :D
Thanks you very much
Picture via The Fasionisto

I'm gonna go to a preview screening of Antichrist tonight if not sold out already!

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