Saturday, 15 August 2009


I just took one of my best polaroid pictures so far before arriving home. I'll scan it tomorrow at my parents' place if I don't forget. It just makes me real happy 'cause it's for myself to proof that I can do it. I feel I have a good eye for it, but how am I able to convince others of it unless I take pictures myself. It's nice to be able to look at this picture and go like this is not a Cass Bird or Hedi Slimane product or that of any other photographer that I admire. Nope, this one's all mine. I don't even care if like it or not, 'cause I do and I believe it's very good and if Cass Bird or Hedi Slimane would have taken it I would have totally adored it. So it makes me proud to be able to say that it's not them but I who took it. It's a good day for the Polaroid.

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