Wednesday, 26 August 2009


It's the only reason right now why I would like to have a TV in my room. With so much crap out there on TV it's great to have something like MythBusters. It's such a fun show. You learn so much from it. Apart from visting my parents to spend time with them and have some company I go to their place to watch MythBusters. It's a good reason to visit them :)

Here are Kari and Grant attending a firewalking class. Too bad this video is just a preview! :((

Mythbusters - Firewalking 101 from John Taylor on Vimeo.

Go check out Discovery channel to see when the show comes on. It's worth your time!

And for everyone reading this and wanting to listen to great music check out The Antlers's Hospice. It's so sad sounding I wish it was winter 'cause I bet it would sound even better.

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