Thursday, 13 August 2009


What an excellent night, I'm so glad I went. Owen Pallett aka Fanal Fantasy was magical. I was completely drawn into his performance. At first he said he was a bit sick and because during the first two songs it was hard hearing his vocals because the music was so loud I was afraid he would not sound 100% and would hold back a little. But soon it became clear that when Mr. Pallett feels slightly ill this doesn't necessarily mean this has an immediate negative effect on his voice. He sounded just as perfect as on the record or in my case on the mp3s ;) He referred to the light show several times cause it made him confused of where he was especially because he did not feel to well. But it must be said that the lighting was really good and in my opinion added a lot to the performance. I had never been in this venue before and was very surprised of how small it was. It made for a very intimate setting. Marissa Nadler and Nick Talbot of Gravenhurst were really good as well, but I'm not sure why they were supporting Pallett. Their music is much more moody and sad sounding than his. For some reason when I see Owen I always have to think about Patrick Wolf. Not sure why. Perhaps because they performed together and seem to be good friends. I took a polaroid picture of Owen, a really bad one :D It makes it appear I was standing really far away from him when that wasn't at all the case. But it was definitely too far away to take a clear polaroid picture of him. So next time I'm at a concert taking a polaroid picture I'll make sure I'm more at the front. I'll scan it tomorrow if I don't forget to. That was a really cool thing, by the way, 'cause this really was a not too much physical movement type of gig. No moshpit or wild dancing. I even kept my bag with me. So I could have quietly taken a lot of pictures although I did not take any other pictures than that polaroid. I just didn't want to disturb myself. I was enjoying it way too much. When you are able to see Final Fantasy go. He's just very relaxed and really is able to connect with the audience. He made several mistakes and when that happened he just laughed them off. He was being very casual about it and he should. It was one of the best gigs I've seen this year high up there with those gigs from Beirut, Franz Ferdinand and Metric which says a lot. I didn't expect I would like it THIS much. I definitely love him more right now. I was completely under his spell.

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