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This The Fashionisto website really is the best. They post so many new and very cool editorials.
I have to admit, something that I just realized recently, that at times I really look forward to seeing updates on certain sites or blogs that I visit on a daily basis. And when there's finally an update It makes me real happy and sometimes I even save them up and tend to read them a bit later or not all updates at once just to have something new to read or look at during the evening or the next day. Those sites are really a big part of my life when you think about it. Imagine having to visit all those places physically every day. It would take up all of my time.

Yesterday I went to FOAM (Photography Museum Amsterdam). Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the photographer that I liked most and for some reason this person isn't listed on the FOAM website. Strange. I also liked Guy Tillim's work a lot. Great and dare I say it simple compositions. It just shows that composition is key. Even if you find something really cool to shoot when you don't know how to frame everything the results won't be that great. Guy Tillim's pictures to me show that dividing the frame by a piece of wall or placing a certain object at the forefront so that it becomes a means to slice up the image so to speak, is very crucial and doesn't require that much. Just slicing it up using very simple objects can lead to great results.
Here's one of the pictures that are being shown.

For another two go here

Today probably was the hottest day of the year so far. Because yesterday was an active day for me I decided to just spend the day at my parents' place, but of course I couldn't stay inside all day. So I went out with my skateboard and camera and was very active taking pictures more so than I was skateboarding. Because I don't have a human being model walking along with me 24/7 that I can take pictures of I decided to use my skateboard instead. I seriously need to start stalking people and ask if they want to pose for me! 'Cause I really did got tired of flowers, grass, trees, flowers, grass, trees, flowers, greass, trees... I need to find a new and exciting place where I can take lots of pictures. I hope I'll find it soon.

Nowadays I really can't leave the house wearing just a plain T-shirt with jeans, unless I wear boots with them, at least some kind of item that is a bit more fashionable. I do have a lot of clothes though and so far I've managed to put together some really nice ensemble every day. It has led to a young man and woman briefly stopping their conversation as I walked by with my boots and long socks as well as some random girls screaming after me: ooooo nice legs! when I past them on my bike LOL Another guy whispered to the person he was walking with: are boots very fashionable right now or something? And a while ago this girl who I guess was visiting a friend living in the same corridor as me asked me for a bottle opener. She rang the ball and her first reaction when seeing me was: whoa. I can't be 100% sure what kind of 'whoa' that was, but it seemed to me it was one of 'whoa, he looks pretty weird' instead of 'whoa, this guy looks good!!'. Could be the last option as well, but I doubt it ;)
I have to admit that at times I forget to take pictures because I'm too busy prancing around. Horrible, horrible, horrible and very pathetic. I know!! ;D

Here are pictures from an editorial posted on The Fashionisto. And apparently this site only focuses on male modelling because I don't see any editorials featuring women. I guess that's why it's called The Fashionisto and not the Fashionista.

I post the following editorial in its entirety. I like it that much.

Photographer: RJ Shaughnessy
Stylist: Jem Goulding
Model: the great and very inspiring Josh Beech

The editorial can be found in Future Claw Magazine and I just found out you can flicker through all of their three issues on their website! :D

From The Fashionisto

After having just found out COÛTE QUE COÛTE is back I noticed they have posted this editorial as well but with much bigger pictures!! So GOOD!!

The light in this picture really is to die for. If I was forced to only look at this image for the rest of my life I would feel content.

I hope it will rain tomorrow. A lot. I don't feel like being too active tomorrow. And even I can get tired of going to the cinema sometimes. 'Cause of course I didn't only go to FOAM yesterday. That was just to have something to do during the afternoon and make the day a bit longer. 'Cause after I watched Megane in this cinema called Rialto, a very relaxing Japanese film with lots of nice food. It's all about enjoying the simplicities of life. Very soothing. So by the time that one was finished it was already around 7pm which is close to the end of the day and thus a day well spent.
I could go see CocoRosie tomorrow evening in Paradiso but it's 25 euros and that's without adding the extra service costs. I find that pretty expensive. This morning I noticed that going to see Final Fantasy in Utrecht for 10 euros plus the train ticket will cost me something like 17,50 euros in total. So I decided to go see him instead. Gravenhurst will be one of the supporting acts which is pretty cool. Normally I would not have to pay for the train ticket 'cause it's on a Wednesday, but until August 16th I can't use my public transport card which gives me free access to all public transport throughout all of the country. Bummer.

I recently bought the latest Dazed & Confused issue which comes with 3D glasses. Unfortunately those glasses don't give me the Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince effect which I was hoping for :(( But then again what else could I have expected from a simple magazine. I'm just a tiny bit dissapointed.

This tea I'm drinking tastes like cardboard...

I just found out COUTE QUE COUTE is back already, meaning this post is getting a lil bit longer

I like these two pictures

From Vogue Paris August 2009 issue.
Shot by Inez Van Lamsweerde (she's Dutch and has made quite a big name for herself in the industry) and Vinoodh Matadin

Daria, I just had to post her. She can do no wrong.

OAK NYC Summer editorials. Don't worry, I won't get any tattoos. I do really like them though. More than I did ever before. A LOT more :)

This ad for Adidas SLVR is only one minute long and very simple black and white, but really good. Nice music/soundscape as well. I especially like this part. Nice shape.

I don't know why exactly but I really like these pictures from the new Lanvin campaign

All content from COUTE QUE COUTE

I've been going through a bit of a Bloc Party phase these last couple of days. Wish I could see them live.

Christopher Boone you'll always be my number 1 hero! :D

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