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I watched Claire Denis' 35 Rhums today which is all kinds of amazing. I had no idea. It was my first ever Claire Denis film. I thought I had seen some of her films before but I've been confusing her with Catherine Breillat who is a complete different person :) There's music composed by Tindersticks which suits the images so well. It opens with sequences from the front of a metro. The movement, the light, it was just how I like it and how I would have done it myself. Beautiful. I loved every second. Couldn't get enough. And then there's the girl who plays Joséphine, Mati Diop, who is extremely pretty. She has this very natural beauty and I was impressed by how seductive she can look as well. The chemistry between her and actor Grégoire Colin was amazing. You could feel the tension, the heat, the fireworks.
I saw it at the cinema I go to almost every Sunday called Cinecenter and finally after a very long time we got to watch a film in my favourite room again, the one with what I call the Christmas lighting. I know they're not at all Christmas related but I don't know how else to refer to them. So after months of not having been in that room I could finally take the pictures I had been longing to make. Now of course I want to go back and take more. So hopefully the film we're going to see next week will be played in the same room again. I even took out the Polaroid camera and that one only comes out on special occasions :)

It drizzled a tiny bit

My favourite room in this cinema

I have lunch like this almost every Sunday. I do start to feel a bit spoiled. :p

This might probably be the best fruit juice you'll find in all of Amsterdam, seriously.

And then I took pictures of the laundry because...??

Yesterday my parents and I had dinner at Genroku a Japanese 'all you can eat' restaurant in Amsterdam. They had 5 rounds and each person could order 5 items per round. I managed to order 5 items every round and eat some of the things my parents ordered. I didn't even feel that stuffed at the end. I love Japanese food especially all kinds of sushi.

I tried all their Nigini suhis except for the Maguro (tuna) one. So that makes 16 of those, plus some extra which my parents ordered. I had one Tobiko handroll (flying fish roe) At least more than three avocado sake makis. Two Sashimi Sakes (salmon) and one time Sashimi Maguro (tuna). I had two Chuka Wakame salads (seaweed). I had one Kushi Yaki with vegetables on a stick called Yasaiyaki. Plus one with fishballs. Then I had at least more than 4 vegetable dumplings, one deep-fried prawn and a piece of tofu (fried bean curd). I also had some pieces of fried vegetables and one big piece of salmon with teriyaki sauce. I also had two sushi kind of things with mussels and one with corn that werent on the main menu. And as a desert I had four small pieces of lychee which are a kind of fruit. Pretty juicy.

So I can't say I was starving by the end of the evening.
I would love to go there again. I like all you can eat restaurants. They're fun. :D

COÛTE QUE COÛTE this site I've come to like a lot is on a summer break so I had to look for a new site/blog to find some interesting editorials. I think I've found a nice one in The Fashionisto
If it wasn't for this blog I would not have seen the following editorials

Nice hair! :))

Photographer: Takeshi Hanzawa
Stylist: Tetsuro Nagase
Model: Robbie Wadge

More here

Nice jacket

It's an item of this brand called Tuesday Night Band Practice

Photographer: Junji Hata
Stylist: Tomoki Sukezane
Model: Rutger Derksen
For more go here

These pictures from Rad Hourani's fall 2009 collection has been on almost every fashion/model related website/blog, not just on The Fashionisto.
I like the clothes. It's design that's wearable and doesn't look that out there when worn out on the street.

More photos here

Inspired By F.S. is a blog I just came across. Made by a 17 year old Dutch kid

It has led me to once more check out this blog called We Could Grow Up Together. I already knew about it but I don't check for updates every day. Maybe I should 'cause these images are really good. The blog is owned by photographer Kwannam Chu. He took these pictures!

His pictures are always really good btw. Worth checking out occasionally.

Tyler Riggs for Japanese label SHELLAC

More here

More Rad Hourani. These are from the lookbook of his collection

My favourite

I'm not sure but I think he took these pictures himself. I wouldn't be surprised if he did.

That's it for now.
Tomorrow probably another day inside the cinema. I'll better start looking for art galleries or something. Just to change things up a bit. And I should go to CocoRosie on Friday. I'll just close my eyes and pretend I didn't see it will costs me more than 25 euros to see them.

I didn't know there was a hype I just noticed her name all over several of the websites I visit on a daily basis. I'm talking Florence + The Machine. I checked out the debut album Lungs and I quite like it. I can't really place it, but it's definitely different than most of the stuff I listen to mostly.

Here they are performing on the Jonathan Ross show

I was supposed to stop, brush my teeth and hop into bed, but than I saw these.

First couple of pictures found here
Go to Antonella Arismendi's official website here where you find a lot more pictures.
However I think the pictures I posted here are the best ones. ;)

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