Saturday, 29 August 2009


After seeing it at the store some weeks ago and not buying it I came across it again and I just couldn't resist. Especially knowing that another one of my friends has seen the film! I knew the film was going to be great visually 'cause I saw some pictures and I had heard/read some good things, but so far I never noticed any real buzz with people going crazy over it. And I really don't know why. This film probably has the greatest opening sequence I've ever seen. I was so overwhelmed. And that was just the beginning. I loved the two lead characters. The little girl who plays Alexandria is beyond amazing. She's so real. She acts but without losing the everyday gestures. She stumbles upon words, yawns. All those things. It's so uncalculated. She's been captured beautifully. Then there's Lee Pace playing Roy who is so mesmerizing. I don't think I've ever seen him in any other film, but I'd definitely like to. He showed the perfect kindness his character needed. Like I said, visually this film is amazing. It's vision, art, all those things. Watching it I kept thinking is this guy extremely rich?! How has he been able to make such a gem of a film?! You need a lot of money. But going through Imdb and reading an interview with Tarsem Singh, the director, I found out that the entire crew slept in the same hotel and got paid the same amount of money. They also flee economy class. So he managed to keep costs as low as possible. But the costumes, the sets, the props, the locations!! Everything looks amazing. You just have to see it to fully understand. It's one of the most wonderful films I've ever seen. Personally I love pretty images shot from interesting angles and this film shows one beautiful image after the other. It just never stops. I loved everything about it. Just wish I'd seen it on the big screen!!! Where was I all those times it was playing at the cinema. 'Cause it was playing, but for some reason I didn't goooooo!!! *slaps himself in the face*

Someone get me a copy of The Cell asap!!!

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