Friday, 7 August 2009


I don't know how it happened but I had an extremely nice afternoon today which is strange because it didn't start that good. I wanted to see Brüno at 3pm but it turned out they had made a mistake on the website and the film was only playing at 4.30pm. So I called my mum who was already at home and she told me what other films were playing which is how I ended up watching Wendy And Lucy in a different cinema. The one I go to almost every Sunday with my parents. After having visted FOAM where I looked at some photography books I decided to look for them. I never really thought about looking for photography books. 'Cause what I like most about magazines are the pictures, the editorials. Most magazines are pretty expensive and I often find them to feature way too many words. It's nice to read interviews every now and then but one thing I really never get tired of is looking at pictures. I do get tired of reading the articles sometimes. Plus it often happens that I read almost every article after having just bought a magazine. So then all there's left are the pictures. And it just so happens to be that I re-look at pictures more than I re-read an article. That actually never happens. So today I went into some book shops to look for those books and there are so many of them! There's this whole new world for me to discover 'cause I found books which had pages full of just drawings and other great stuff as well. It's going to be one of my new main priorities. Just gazing at all the photography and art books in book stores. :)
Wendy And Lucy was nice, by the way, though a bit short and I never happened to get the chance to fully connect with Wendy. The film was too short for me to really care for her that much. Michelle Williams was great though, as expected. I had only heard good things about her performance so I'm glad I went to see it. It also features Wil Oldham aka Bonnie Prince Billy and John Robinson who plays John in Gus Van Sant's Elephant. When he appeared ons creen I immediately knew it was him even though he looks really different now. Short hair and broad shoulders. Quite a big transformation. But I might have noticed before on Imdb that he was in this film so that's why I immediately knew it had to be him I think. Also, Gabe Nevins made an appearance who plays Alex in Gus Van Sant's Paraboid Park. You don't really see him 'cause he walks by the car in which Wendy sleeps with some friends. You can hear them speak but you don't see their faces. But he was listed on the end credits. Also Leslie Schatz who has done the sound on several of Van Sant's films did the sound for this one. Plus the film was shot in Portland. So there were a lot of Van Sant connections. When I was riding back home from my parents' place just an hour ago I was thinking about how this film in a way is like a bit of a modern day version of Umberto D. Both are about a character who shares a strong relation with a dog and who go through live alone. And in both films the dog gets lost.
I have noticed how every time, nomatter the film, I happen to be on some kind of high when leaving the cinema. It's just that watching a movie gives me so much inspiration and brings so many ideas to my mind. They kind of recharge my battery. So afterwards I really feel I can take on the entire world and feel like I'm walking down the street with my head in the clouds. They gave me confidence while also really stimulating and activating my creative side. So after having left the cinema I started taking pictures and I just didn't care about all those people whose eyes start to point towards the ground when I pass by which means they have a closer look at my boots and long socks. :) I don't know why people find them to be so fascinating. In my world they're really normal and it's not a strange combination, boots plus long socks. But then again not everyone has seen the latest collections from designers and labels such as Dsquared for example.
I could have gone to CocoRosie, but I didn't. I just don't feel right spending something like 28 euros on them. I mean, they probably really worth the money, but when thinking about the fact that seeing Patrick Wolf is much and much cheaper it's just not fair. I love his music way more than CocoRosie's even though I really like CocoRosie as well. It's just that I've listened to Pat Pat more and I seem to have a much stronger affection for his music as well as him as an artist. CocoRosie is not my favourite act and there are bands that I would go see over them. So that's why I didn't go. Plus I will see Final Fantasy on Wednesday instead. I have a greater interest in him than in CocoRosie for some reason and the concert is just ten euros which really is nothing.
But I had a good day anyway so I don't mind not having been to Paradiso tonight. I won't really regret it this time.

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