Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I'm going to bed soon 'cause I'm still pretty tired from my campingflight to Lowlands paradise :D I watched The Hangover tonight in the Pathé in Amsterdam. Some people will think it's incredibly funny and it is, but so much is so unrealistic. It just doesn't feel authentic. I can't believe people on a site like Awardsdaily think it should be one of the 10 Best Picture Academy Award nominees. I know they would like comedy to be taken more seriously but then go with something like Fargo which at least has some real cleverness to it. I'm not so stoked about The Hangover.
So today has been the first day finally knowing I'll have something to do once summer ends which is already really soon if I decide to go to this school in Utrecht 'cause I'll try another school on Monday.
I've been wearing my Bloc Party T-shirt all day. I love it. I bought it at Lowlands. I just had to :D

Came across all these cool pictures.

I love the colour in this one:

Photographed by Thomas Lohr for Contributing Editor

More here

The girl in these Burberry ads just sits in the perfect pose. I love how she slouches a bit

Photographer: Lachlan Bailey
Stylist: Elliott Smedley

Photographer: Stephan Schacher
Stylist: Risa Knight

Photographed by Julia Heuse

From Hero Magazine:

Photographer: Marcelo Gomes

Photographed by David Bellemère

Such a great cover
Shot by Josh Olins

Pictures via The Fashionisto, COÛTE QUE COÛTE, Contributing Editor, and Red Model Blog

By the way,keep checking this website dropstuff.nl. On their main page a video starts automatically playing which shows what's playing right now on their big screen of their glass house building. My short film hasn't been added yet I think but hopefully it will be soon so if you see a film on their list on the right saying 'Nu Live' called 'Los Op Lowlands' then that's my film! :)

And Face Hunter Yvan Rodic has a visual diary now where he posts pictures he takes that are not on his usual Face Hunter website and don't necessarily feature well dressed people out on the street. Check it out here

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