Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Because my short film isn't on the website yet and I can't seem to play it or upload myself correctly without any stuttering of the images here are some screencaps to give you a preview! :)

It's about a girl attending the Lowlands festival for the first time. At first she's a neat girl with a mother who's slightly worried. She still takes showers and tries to eat healthy. Eventually on day three she just decides to let it all go and no longer bothers not being clean or having to eat a snack for breakfast.

The actress who plays the girl named Isobel is Eva van de Wijdeven and was great to work with. Almost every scene was one take which I later on edited into several parts. She really is the heart of my little film and did such a good job. I'm really proud :)

And thanks to everyone for congratulating me on being accepted into art school!

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