Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I'm going to art school in Utrecht!!!
I made it!!! I'm accepted! Finally something! :D Proof that I can do it, that I have at least some kind of talent. They apparently like my photography. I'm happy!! :))))
If I get through this prepatory year with good marks and stuff I'll automatically be accepted to their bachelor for photography.

I don't know how come all these positive things happened so suddenly. Maybe it's this lucky cat my mum bought for me just recently. I don't know, but things are looking up. Finally after such a long time. This is really great news. Lowlands, making my own short film, now this. I'm officially having a moment :)


Miss Jasmine J said...

have more of a moment! Have a day :-) I know ive said this on FB, but i'd say it again. Congrats! You deserve it! I for one, love the photos u take!
Btw, u have a cat?? I want to see!!

danilo said...

A cat?! No I dont have one :) What made u think that? lol

Miss Jasmine J said...

From your post...you said, "maybe it's this lucky cat my mom bought for me.." Did i read and misinterpret it wrongly, LOL!!

U should get a Cat, they are soo cute, hahaha.

danilo said...

Aaaaaah, yes, my mum did buy me a cat. But not a real one :) I know how much you love cats! It's a Maneki Neko cat, a little sculpture that brings good luck and so far it has brought me some luck indeed