Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Sometimes it's really good to see those clothes moving instead of just looking at them as still images. Here's the Raf Simons show. I really love that long red sweater that's almost like a man dress/bodysuit. Makes for such a nice hourglass shape. And those man skirts which aren't really skirts but in a way they are. I like those as well. They look good which might come unexpected. Once again shows as long as it's a good fit and a good combination of colours those items work very well together! I used to think Raf Simons name was pronounced in the English way, thus 'Symons', but then I discovered or actually I realized it again 'cause I knew it once but I think I forgot, guy's Flemish. So it's pronounced the Dutch way. Not that this changes anything clothing wise, but it's good to know ;)

Looking at these still images really makes me realize these clothes look way better when moving. Not that they don't look good when not moving, they just look better when they do ;)

And I completely forgot about the Dr. Martens boots they designed last year. I want these soooo badly. I bet you can no longer find them anymore, but I would so buy them nomatter what price. Look how georgeous, so shiny. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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