Sunday, 21 February 2010


Woke up way too early for a Sunday, had to many ideas for an assignment for school that I just couldn't catch any sleep once I opened my eyes. But it's alright 'cause I had to be early anyway, this morning the first bunch of tickets for Lowlands can be bought. I haven't been to any other music festivals in this country but I have a feeling Lowlands really is the coolest one of all. Last year I went there for the first time and loved it. Sleeping in a tent, no showering, having music for breakfust, lunch and dinner. What else could I ask for?

Let's post pictures 'cause I like posting pictures! Lots of them
I'm sorry for always posting pictures of extremely pretty boys and girls, I know this is not what we all look like. It's not my fault though, blame the photographers! :)

This pictures is just wow
Makes me think of Eva Green in The Dreamers

By Max Farago *applause + cheering* Well done, well done

And this one is almost as amazing as the one above. The girl's attitude, the colours, styling, all put together so well, yum

Basically this entire spread screams amazing

Oh Lara...

By Philip Riches

And these 3 are phenomenal, my oh my

By Mert & Marcus
She's currently the #1 model of the industry according to's top 50! Very well deserved - Congrats!! :D

One of my favourite photographers, Lina Scheynius

By Camilla Åkrans:

Editorials like the following is why I LOVE Dazed & Confused:

By Colin Dodgson

By Mel Bles

These are really good as well:

By Paolo Roversi

By Alasdair McLellan
Alasdair, love that name!

This one's also a beauty

By Arthur Elgort
I don't always love Karlie Kloss, but here's she looks very good!

By Alexey Sorokin

Photographer unknown

HANNAH HANNAH!!! My new favourite girl

Second one is by Jarrod Dean

Pictures via The Fashion Spot, The Fashionisto & Fashion Gone Rogue

The new Joanna Newsom album has leaked and I love it! She's not one of the most accessible musicians to listen to, especially because of her voice, it's something you have to get used to. But once you do you'll appreciate her. This new album seems much softer than her previous work, even though I'm not too well known with her first albums. It's very gentle, makes me feel at ease with the world. Plus, her voice has changed quite a bit due, apparently, to her developing vocal chord nodes! I think I like both her old as well as her new singing voice, but I'm sure her new voice will attract more listeners and gain her some new fans

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