Monday, 8 February 2010


I'm back from Rotterdam where I had the most incredible time, best time ever on a festival so far, maybe? At least these four last days were loads of fun. Been partying till early morning, having sleepless nights. Got to my sleep-over address around 8.30 am this morning and then went to bed for 5/6 hours. Met a lot of new people, but also saw a lot of faces that I'd seen last year. When it comes to watching films, 'cause it's still a film festival ;) four films stood out for me. They were A Single Man, R, Mother and the superior J'Ai Tué Ma Mère. When it comes to these festivals, however, it's tough to say which movie is the best one as no person is able to see them all. For instance, I didn't see Un Prophète or Fantastic Mr. Fox, two films which are said to be really good. Had I seen them they might have made my top 4, but I haven't so they won't be anywhere in there.

J'Ai Tué Ma Mère is a film, though, of which I think I would have still liked it most had I'd seen all films playing at the festival. It's one of the best films I've ever seen I think. It's so well made, so rich, feels like a classic, the look of the entire film is so warm, great colour scheme. A beautiful personal account, well acted, features some short sequences that are absolutely amazing, it's very imginative, really feels like a piece of art most of the time because of some scenes being like video installation material, there's philosphy, there's poetry. It's a wonderful piece that I love and hate and can get me so full of envy. Watching it you just know every aspiring filmmaker would have loved to have made this film, it's a dream debut. Directed and written by Xavier Dolan who also plays the main character, he was 16 when he wrote the screenplay, 19 when he directed the film!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's one of those debuts that makes you wonder what's left for the director as this film feels so finished, so complete, it's so clear, feels to feature everything that can be told about the subject. It's a masterpiece, he would not even have to make another film and can reach great success and become legendary just based on this one work. It's amazing. Go see it when you can!!!!!!

If you want to watch the trailer...

This doesn't compare to the experience of watching the entire film tough. You really should see it all

I was so lucky this year to get myself a lot of posters and I have huge one of J'Ai Tué Ma Mère!! :DD

An interview

A cool short film

Next week These New Puritans, The xx, Japandroids, White Rabbits & Spoon!!!

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