Monday, 22 February 2010


For a while I've been searching for some good art blogs comparable to fashion photography ones like The Fashionisto or Fotografi. 'Cause a daily dosis of photography and especially fashion photography isn't enough. I need to expand and add a large dosis of sculpture, painting, video installation, collage, performance, any kind of art to my list! Knowing that fashion photography images already get me hella inspired I'm excited to see what a daily dosis of other arts will add to my creative urges.

First of, there's Booooooom, probably the coolest looking one of the bunch. Here you find film, design and even music as well. Pictures of Andrea Myers' sculptures were posted today, never heard of her. I'm really not familiar with any kind of artists really, except for photographers, film directors, musicians and some painters/sculptures. So it's time to know a lot more of them!

By Andrea Meyers

Then there's A Journery Round My Skull. Lots of illustration around here. Illustration by the way isn't just drawing, it can also be 3D as I've discovered at school the past Saturday! :)

Via this site I found out about Unica Zürn. It's crazy all those different layers in those drawings. At first glance you see one picture, but then you see something completely different and then it turns out there are several images combined into one. So much to discover. Great art makes you look several times.

This one is from Julien Gracq's A Dark Stranger. I'm not sure if the drawing is by Mr. Gracq himself, but seeing this image definitely makes me want to read the book! :)

At CG Unit you find photography as well. With this one you really have to be careful because you'll be spending lots of time here once you see all the incredible things that are posted here. Can't save everything!
Also, better not to visit all these sites while listening to Carter Burwell's soundtrack for Where The Wild Things Are, unless you want to have your eyes filled up with tears while watching all the pieces of art and inject yourself with a strong feeling of sadness!

Today works of Vincent Hui were posted and yesterday images by Rafa Jenn

By Vincent Hui

By Rafa Jenn

Also worth checking out are But Does It Float and the first one I've been using Fuck Yeah Art Brut

The internet is a wonderful thing!

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