Monday, 22 February 2010


Good Shoes @ OFFSET Festival (2) from Sitcom Serf on Vimeo.

Judging from all the Good Shoes live performance videos I've seen so far seems I have to wear my teenager clothes again like I did on Tuesday last week when I went to see The xx, These New Puritans and the mighty mighty Japandroids. Hope the audience will be as enthusiastic and wild as at the Japandroids gig or at least those people standing at the front. I thought this was going to be my only gig this week and I was heading for a break, but turns out that The Drums' gig is also this week, on Friday to be exact. So my concert going days aren't over yet, or at least not for this month. I wasn't expecting to see that many bands play so soon into 2010, but seems everyone is coming this way this year and loads of bands will release new material! Foals better get that new album out and start touring. I see they are already coming to France and Germany so it might not take long before some new dates will be added and Amsterdam will be on their touring schedule! :D

Have to buy some things I want to use for a school assignment and then later perhaps go to a cinema to watch a movie just before going to Paradiso. That's my schedule for today ;)

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