Sunday, 28 February 2010


Apparently this site is all the rage right now according to a newspaper article I read about it. And usually I'm not one who likes to follow hypes, unless I just happen to have already known about it before it became all fashionable and stuff. But this site is pretty cool and something you just might want to experience, because in a way there's nothing else like it. Just as with all hypes it can get very addictive real quick but there's a good chance that addiction won't last for longer than a week or so, as with most hypes. But who knows, perhaps this one lasts. What's interesting about it is that you meet a random person face to face, it's almost like speeddating (not that I've ever done that, but I think it's similar) or going on a blinddate (never did that either) and both you and the other person can decide to start a conversation or just click on the 'next' button and the site will then randomnly select a new person for you. So far I met a really nice guy from Paris who makes pretty cool music with a friend and who draws. He's been to art school which is cool 'cause I'm in art school right now. So that's a very positive and nice conversation I had with just a regular normal type of guy. There are people, however, who use Chat Roulette for complete different reasons. Some might look to find the one, others just want to see a hot boy/girl, there are dirty old men and probably women too who like to appear naked on their cams or flashing their boobs for you :) You have to be up for that. If you can't take that then this site isn't for you. Just don't take it too seriously and well, just click 'next' when something like that occurs. What's also nice is to see the reaction from people at seeing you first time. If you can use a selfesteem boost you might want to visit the site 'cause it already happenend to me that I stared face to face in to they eyes of a girl or several girls whose instant reaction were smiles and typing things like 'hiyaaaa' or 'hey cutie'. That can be quite nice if you need it. :DD But I have a feeling there aren't a lot of regular guys using the site and these girls might have looked straight into the eyes of several old hairy naked men before they saw me, so of course then yes, when they see me they are all relieved and think, ooooh, a normal guy! Hooray and they get all excited. One thing that is very important is having a good internet connection cause after chatting to the French guy mine happened to become less and less stable so my cam kept freezing and I couldn't continue a conversation with a very blue eyed Parisian boy (see picture above), two girls (or girl and boy wasn't sure about one) who really liked my smile, and a couple from Ohio who were both 22, though to me they looked older. So if you get attached to people very quickly watch out with this site. Because if your connection fails you and you haven't exchanged e-mail or names so you can add each other on a site like Facebook, you might never stare into the other person's eyes again. I, for example, can get attached pretty quickly and you don't want to get in desperation mode re-conneceting to the site over and over again hoping the site randomnly selects that same person again you chatted with the night before but whom you lost because your cam froze. So be careful. Other than that it can make for a really nice experience. It's very confronting and puts you in an awkward position. It often happens that both you and the other person keep quiet for a bit at first especially when this person looks like a regular person you meet on the street and who doesn't seem to have any weird intentions and if you aren't used to using webcam while chatting, like me, it can make you feel self-conscious a bit too. I for one don't really know where to look. At my cam, at the other person's cam, or just keep my eyes on the typing board?? I'll probably use the site a couple more times this week even though I could spend my time on much more important things!

I got my Foals ticket YES!! So I'm offically going. Best gig of the year already :DDD

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