Thursday, 18 February 2010


On Tuesday it was all about These New Puritans, The xx and especially Japandroids, but tonight it's all about White Rabbits and Spoon! Been listening to Transference this morning and am particularly fond of track number 7 called Trouble Comes Running, hope they play it tonight! :D

It's gonna be cool

Written In Reverse from Spoon on Vimeo.

I have not been posting much on Florence + The Machine, but truth is that their album Lungs is one of my favourite albums of 2009. If I had made a top 10 list of albums from last year there's a good chance it would have been in there somewhere in the upper ranks. So for this morning I'd like to share the video for Drumming Song. I love Florence, my favourite red headed girl this moment :D

Florence + The Machine - Drumming Song from piximory on Vimeo.

She looks quite spectacular don't you think?

And a live performance

Florence & The Machine - Raise It Up (Acoustic) from PaulersA on Vimeo.

That voice, that voice!!! Florence + The Machine will be in Amsterdam on Monday, why didn't I buy myself a ticket?!!!

Also, I, to my own surprise, really digg the new Hot Chip album One Life Stand. It's great from beginning to end, I truly love every song on there. It's very fast paced and upbeat and I love the voice of the singer. I used to not really like them that much 'cause I kind of disliked their video for Ready For The Floor. I checked out their previous album and it was good, but I just couldn't get that video out of my head. But now with this new one I can't ignore it, I love this album. Lots!

And because I love them SO MUCH, live performance of a new track by Japandroids titled Art Czars


I found my new boots! Gone all the way to Rotterdam to get myself a pair :D
Search is over.

By Andreas Sjödin

Via The Fashionisto

Cleaning up my room and watching some Twin Peaks, that's what my afternoon will look like

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