Thursday, 25 February 2010


This morning I woke up early to work on my interpretation of this week's school assignment. This picture below is part of it. You should have been there just to see how nice it looked! And there was absolutely noone around so I could play around as much as I wanted with no voyeurs or peeping Toms around! Oh and I feel so stupid for not realizing we had this forest in my city. I've been here before but always went no further than this children's farm where they have some deers of which I've taken quite some polaroids in the past! Yesterday I went location scouting and decided to have a look at this forest 'cause I happened to remember it was there, which I had not before, don't ask me why :D Just think of the many pretty pictures I could have taken when it was snowing had I known about this forest before! Ugh, I should get to know my city better!!

When one day I grow taller I put that string up higher ;-)

Maybe I go back tomorrow 'cause plan was to make this big video 'cause I'd been having all these visions lately, but then the battery of my video camera had to be recharged :(( I might take some more interesting photo shoot type of pictures, experimenting a bit, as there isn't any one looking on anyway. It's my new secret private laboratory :P

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