Thursday, 18 February 2010


So much quality on one evening! Loved it! First there were White Rabbits who made themselves get noticed and turned into much more than the usual supporting act which was noticeable by seeing the response of the audience. So much energy, especially the guy on drums. He just stood there like a madman pouring his heart and soul in his performance, banging those drums. It was a very fun sight to watch. Giving him lots of kudos for being so professional. They definitely won over the crowd and I'm sure gained many more fans by the end of the night. They played a lot of songs from their latest release, but also some from their debut album that I did not yet know and I actually just found out about it, wasn't even aware they already put out two albums and not just one! So I got another album by them to discover in the upcoming days. Other then These New Puritans on Tuesday these guys received a very warm welcome and it was much more crowded as well so I guess a lot of people knew them already and were there also to see them and not just Spoon. White Rabbits played something like 45 minutes and Spoon being the great band that they are started their performance even before 8.45 which I didn't expect. They were meant to start at 8.30, but because White Rabbits had only finished some minutes before I expected they might start at 9 pm instead just like The xx did on Tuesday night. But some minutes after 8.30 everything was already set on stage and you could see there wasn't any reason for them to let us wait any longer. Seemed they felt the same 'cause after everything was set they soon appeared. From the start I was completely in it. I think of them the way I think of The National, both bands have released quite a lot of albums already and are very well established. Only difference is that The National's music is more emotional while I find Spoon to be more fun. It's a different kind of rock sound these guys have. Very upbeat with a strong beat to dance to. One thing I loved mostly were the long breaks in between songs, they had a lot of long instrumental parts without vocals. Really cool. I got completely lost in it moving, even closing my eyes at times. I know it's a great concert when I start looking around me, up and down to the floor, getting into my comfort zone. I don't even have to look at the guys playing on stage, it's all about the music. It felt so good, I felt so at ease. I felt like a lot of people were dancing or at least moving around me. But I know that I would not have held back if they would not have moved with me. Overall I still moved/danced the most though, or at least it seemed so from where I was standing. I could see another guy to my left being really in it at times and another one looking around him several times as if wondering why there were so few people moving with him, 'cause true at times there weren't so many people moving as if they didn't know all of the songs. I was glad to notice, however, that around me there were quite a lot of people who knew not only Spoon's most recent material but their older stuff as well, 'cause when they started playing songs like I Summon You (one of my favourites) people around me started yelling enthusiastically. So I found myself in good company. I took pictures as well, while dancing, and this time they turned out fine. I know now how to really be in control of my camera ;-) I now know what I was doing wrong on Tuesday. I can't compare Japandroids to Spoon 'cause the two are completely different both in music as well as concert experiences, but I guess I enjoyed both as much. It was so nice to hear Britt Daniel sing live. Very comforting to hear such a familiar voice. I could tell a lot of people enjoyed Spoon as much as me 'cause when they left the stage people started to scream and whistle very loudly. More than I'm used to, it really hurt my ears :DD Then they came back for the encore to play a couple more songs. It was all rather brilliant. They played some songs from the new record but also from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, Kill The Moonlight and Gimme Fiction. It's nice when you have a band who already have recorded so much material, so many songs to choose from! Now I go look at my pictures and post them here and then go to bed. I have a job interview tomorrow! ;)

White Rabbits


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