Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I'm not going to watch these 'cause I happen to basically have no idea what exactly the story is about other than this kid and his huge imagination which gets him in contact with these creatures called the wild things. It could be that that's all there is and that I happen to have actually told you the entire story just right now. I don't know. But something tells me there's way more to tell than the info I just gave you. Like I said, I basically have no clue what this film is about and I don't want to know. I want to find out when I see Spike Jonze's version of the story at the cinema. But for those of you who are interested I've been looking for some previous adaptations of the book on YouTube and found some clips. They include stop-motion animation as well as hand drawn shorts.

There's even a cool Playmobil version LOL I'll watch it once I've seen the Spike Jonze movie! :))

Early demonstration video by Disney using characters from Where The Wild Things Are

I might go and see Handsome Furs tomorrow night at Paradiso, one fifth of Wolf Parade in Amsterdam, I need to show some support!

PS: Tegan And Sara's new album Sainthood is very good and maybe even better than their last one The Con. I used to not want to like them and it took me a long time to get over myself, but I really like them now especially Sara's voice. That is, I think it's Sara's voice. Those two are very identical. ;) Anyway, new album is worth checking out, lots of fun and catchy songs. My favourite right now is the second song on the album called Don't Rush.

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