Sunday, 11 October 2009


I just got home from watching Kings Of Convenience and dare I say, best gig ever? ! It was perfect even when they didn't play two songs I wish they would have played (Failure + I Don't Know What I Can save You From). Perhaps it was also because it took longer than two hours! TWO HOURS!!! Over two hours with Kings Of Convenience! Can I get a A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. AMAZING!!!!! They were funny, especially Erlend who's so endearing. He must be such a fun and sweet person. He had so much fun on stage. Both guys seemed so comfortable. And the sound, fantastic, such quality. They play together as if they're one person. Their voices, the guitars, so clear! I loved it when everytime they ended a song you could hear the sound of one of the guys scratching the guitar little stuff like that. Indicating that these microphones captured even the slightest breath of air. The audience was great. Apart from every now and then the sound of some plastic beer glasses tipping over it was dead silent. They co-operated well. But it already occured to me this night was going to be very special 'cause when me and my mum arrived (long time ago since I went to a gig with company) it was already crowded with even some people sitting on the floor. Yes, SITTING! These kids were all fanboys and girls. This is an audience not only an artist dreams of having but me as well 'cause you know these people are going to be enthusiastic. You don't have those people who are standing as if they're waiting for the train to arrive. I mean, of course you always have them and I'm sure there were some of them here as well but at least I didn't notice it. Because I was with my mum I didn't stand in the middle of the crowd but somewhere at the side where you stand on this higher platform and therefore have a good overview of the crowd. This was actually really nice and it gave me a much better look of how the crowd responded as a whole. When you're standing at the front or in the middle you only feel the responses of the people closely around you and if you happen to stand around all these waiting for the bus type of people it gives you the idea that the entire crowd is like this. Now that we were standing at the side I could have a much better view of how the audience responded as a whole. So you see some heads bopping up and down which is nice and gets me in the mood. The people around us were real cool with some girls sometimes singing along to the songs. At times this might be annoyong but here it wasn't, mostly because these girls had pitch perfect voices. Because the gig was over two hours long they were able to create a really nice atmosphere. Best part for me was when they welcomed their violanist and bassist on stage. As soon as they started playing I lost it. Or almost, 'cause I didn't shed any tears, but I came close to it. It struck me so hard. I was completely overwhelmed. It was so unexpected. It touched me real deep. That first song they played the four of them together almost was too much for me. After that song I got used to hearing the addition of both instruments so I could breathe normally again however being still very touched every now and then. Like I mentioned before they were also very funny. Early on Erlend made a comment about our Dutch coffee which according to him is the worst of all countires! :)) 'Cause he said that he loved playing in Amsterdam 'cause they always play in Paradiso and have become used to the space. He said that in other cities most of the time they would go and play at different venues ever time they visited a country. But one thing he said they should change at the Paradiso is that Douwe Egberts coffee machine! :D Douwe Egberts is a well known brand of coffee here in The Netherlands and like every brand they always make it seem like their product is the best one. So it's fun to hear Erlend speaking about how bad this brand of coffee is. I'm not a regular coffee drinker so I wouldn't know but I think it might be true. They also had a picture taking moment, because they get very annoyed by the clicking sound of some of the cameras. So they gave the audience the chance to take a picture with flash and all. He also told a story of birds in the forest and more of those random things. And at the end after they came back on stage he did a very funny song involving Justin Timberlake, a solo without Eirik playing along. I don't think I've ever been to such an entertaining concert. It just was perfect in so many ways. Everything just fell into place. It's definitely one of the most memorable concerts I've been to, even one of the most memorable nights I had. So if you ever have the chance to see these two guys live don't hesitate one bit. It was pure magic. An experience no word could fully manage to describe. And they performed Know How!!! My favourite song by them! I looked up some setlists before going but didn't really read them. I just took a quick look to see how many new songs they would play and how many old ones. Those lists didn't include Know How which I could understand because the song features Leslie Feist singing my favourite part at the end. So I didn't expect them to play it at all. So when they started playing it I filled up with joy. Those are the best moments. Those are the little treats that makes a night like this even better. That's why I didn't even mind they didn't perform Failure or I Don't Know What I Can Save You From. But this leaves me with enough reason to see them again when they will return to Amsterdam in the future. Can't wait :D

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