Friday, 2 October 2009


Before I go to bed I leave you this:

The Takeaway Show archive is filled with hidden gems I still have left to discover and every now and then I'll go through it and find performances by bands or artists I did not know yet some months ago but only started listening to recently. I've been listening to Grizzly Bear for perhaps 2 years now with gaps in between of course. It's not like I listen to them every single day. I have way too much music to be able to listen to everything every single day! But I just had not yet taken the time to look at their Takeaway Show performance. I love this song as well as its official video which I strongly recommend you to check out. I'm about to go to bed now after a day filled with ink painting. I'm a bit obsessed by it. It's much better and for me way easier than drawing with a pencil or charcoal. I found out I still got some hidden talents I had not yet discovered.

And check out this band called Miike Snow, they're pretty catchy! They remind me of Dr. Dog with a bit of Animal Collective, the catchiness of a band like Phoenix and a voice that recalls Peter Gabriel.

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