Thursday, 8 October 2009


I know I easily gush over a band, but every now and then there's a new band I've discovered that really stands above all my other recent discoveries. An example is The xx, they're one of the best new bands this year. Recently I discovered Miike Snow and I'm really enjoying Mew's latest album. I love these two bands, but compared to my love for, say Wolf Parade, they're just mediocre and my obsession with them will be rather short. Just some days ago I also mentioned how much I love Dead Man's Bones with the result that I posted some videos by them. The more I listen to their album, however, the more I love them and I even dare say that they're the greatest thing happening this year right after The xx. I'm starting to have mad love for them. Their album is ridiculously good, addicting, like nothing else I'm listening to right now. The childrens choir makes it so much fun, I feel like singing along all the time. They have a real sing-along effect on me. The lyrics are so fun, Gosling's voice is a dream, he should go start singing some Joy Division tunes! In the Room Where You Sleep, My Body's a Zombie for You, Pa Pa Power, Young & Tragic, Lose Your Soul, Flowers Grow Out of My Grave are my favourites. I can't wait to see them live! They're so GOOD, everyone needs to know! :DD Star listening to them right NOW!!

I thought I'd share some ink drawings I did last week as I have been so obsessed by it, plus it's just fun to share something of myself and to be able to show what I'm doing and learning at art school so far rather than all these pictures from photographers you and I don't know personally :) All the portraits are based on fashion photographs I picked at random so they're not coming straight from my own imagination :)

That greennes in the pictures is not supposed to happen, it gives it a nice effect though. And yes, some are drawn with pencil

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I liked them

someday you can draw me :D