Wednesday, 7 October 2009


I was just peeling my first tangerine in months and from the moment the scent found its way to my nose I had an autumn flashback. :) This afternoon I started to wonder whether I was happy summer has passed or not. I guess I'm starting to re-find all these reasons why I love autumn and winter. First I noticed the trees changing and found myself in a Gus Van Sant movie again and just some minutes I started to listen to Tom Waits' album Alice who has now brought winter into my room. After having always felt his voice was way too low to listen to and enjoy it I thought let's give him a fair chance and now I'm in love. This album sounds like a Tim Burton soundtrack. I feel like snuggling up to a fairplace and hear the fire crackle. I don't have a fireplace, never did, but I think I have a pretty good image of how it must feel like. :) Soon I'll play Bon Iver again and The Antler's Hospice, two albums which I'm convinced are much better when it's cold and dark outside. It has been raining for days and I love it. Hope it never ends :D

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