Sunday, 25 October 2009


After all this time I'm finally on Lookbook thanks to a girl from my class. From now on I'll be able to just hype the looks I like instead of having to save all the images on my laptop. So far no pictures of me yet but I'm working on it :-) It takes a while though before I'm really satisfied with the pictures I take. And I guess I have to really get out onto the streets now and take pictures of myself 'cause I can't have every picture taken at my place. Would be too boring. So there's a challenge for me.

Now let's go and post part 2 of those pictures of photographer Thomas Lohr:

Julian Casablancas' solo album Phrazes Of The Young has found its way onto the net and I'm listening to it right now. He already gave us two songs, 11th Dimension and River Of Breaklights, that gave a pretty good preview of how the album would sound like. It sounds really nice so far. A very full sound with some pretty upbeat and danceable songs. Left & Right In The Dark is one of my favourites so far as is Ludlow St.

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