Thursday, 1 July 2010


For the last two days I've been working 16 hours at the call center! Just imagine how exhausted I am. The afternoon I can take, but then come those 4 hours in the evening and especially the last two are killing! Fortunately I surrounded myself with nice colleagues who were able to get me through. This was the finale, now need to find myself another job. Maaaaaaaaybe, but really, maaaaaaaaybe, I'm able to stay at the call center for a couple more months, I have to check on Monday to see if I can stay or not. Hopefully I can, I've sent some letters for other jobs but so far no response. I could use the money!

This evening I'm going to FOAM to see the Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin exposition. It comes with a free guide tonight. They're a couple and are HUGE names in the fashion industry. Here are some examples of their work

One time Dirty Projectors and Björk collaborated performing together live, now they've recorded those live songs, the result being Mount Wittenberg Orca. I saw Dirty Projectors live last year in Melkweg in Amsterdam where they played When The World Comes To An End minus Björk unfortunately but amazing none the less. Here is the studio version. Start hocketing everybody!

And for you who don't know what hocketing is, I have Mr. Longstreth explain it for you

Another stream of images

Last night after work I happened to crash a party looking like a total punk with my Dr. Martens, shorts, long socks, David Bowie T-shirt and cross necklace. I had everyone staring at me which was secretly kind of cool :P I didn't join the party, was hardly able to keep my eyes open, but I made quite an impression I bet

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