Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I forgot that today they're welcoming home 'our' football team so it's better for me to not go to Amsterdam this evening. Seriously, if I see one more person dressed in orange I'll shoot him/her

I've been a little bit addicted to this guy named Darwin Deez. He's kind of ridiculous looking, but his voice sounds nice and his songs are rather cheerful. The one I'm posting here called Bed Space is not that positive sounding lyric wise with lines such as 'I don't know where I am, I am so lost', but it's so damn catchy. I've been playing it way too much this week

I was supposed to go to a job interview this afternoon but I received a call this morning saying that they already have enough people working on their projects. The woman who I spoke to on the phone wasn't sure why they had sent out a job advertisement in the first place. Once again luck is not on my side :(

Things I like. First, Thomas Houseago

Tatsuo Miyajima

Via Contemporary Art Daily

Sculptures by Justin Stephens


And a bunch of images I like

Klaxons are coming to Amsterdam November 30th, I so feel like going. Seeing them at Lowlands last year was fun! :P

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