Friday, 23 July 2010


I was supposed to join a friend to go to this cool party this evening that isn't exactly a party but people do dance. You should see it to understand. But because I first was supposed to be somewhere else I couldn't make it in time so now I'm stuck inside my room :( Hopefully tomorrow I'll be at a party 'cause I really want to go out and have some real good night fun. First I have to work at the call center again in the morning. Have to start at 10 am so that means waking up early!

This Sunday I'll be seeing wavves for the first time. I expect it to be one wild mess!

Go watch this video to hear how it will sound

And this one to get a sense of the possible atmosphere ;)

the song played in both videos is called wavves and I'll die when he'll play this song


I'm afraid I don't know how to handle a certain someone

I even washed my hair...

i wanna see the moon
i wanna be with you
i wanna be a punk
i wanna sink the sun
i wanna be victorio
i wanna be victorio

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