Friday, 16 July 2010


It's only 12.30 but it already feels way later in the afternoon. Woke up early again, around 6.30 am and didn't manage to get back to sleep. But good news, I have a job! I'll be working probably from next week on visiting elderly people who are in need of a bit of help, like someone who's able to vacuum clean their house, do the dishes, go out for some groceries and for a bit of company of course. Sounds like a nice job and they pay a little bit more than at the call center! :P

I watched this film by Claude Chabrol last night called Merci Pour Le Chocolat and surprised myself by recognizing actress Anna Mouglalis from the sound of her voice alone. I watched and heard her not too long ago in Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky which also stars Mads Mikkelsen. Back then I found her voice to sound very intriguing and different, but I had not realized it had stuck with me this strongly

Sounds wonderful, no?

AND here she is singing! :DD

I was fortunate enough to watch Bright Star on the big screen for the second time on Wednesday and sticking to voices, realized how much I enjoy listening to Ben Whishaw. He looks adorable as well, handsome but not super handsome, more interesting than pretty, which I like. Even though I look at many fashion editorials which feature all these symmetrical faced models, I hold little interest in models. They seem unreal and out of touch

Here he is with some other fellow young British actors

Matthew Goode is another one of those Brits who I can listen to for hours and hours. So dashing.

Such a gentleman. Seriously a voice to swoon over. His face should be on every girls' wall and of some boys' too, of course ;)

For some reason I've been into ballet this morning and for the last hours have been feeling a strong fascination for Rudolf Nureyev

Ever since my brother mentioned a friend of him has been doing ballet the thought of me dancing ballet myself has been stuck in my head. Perhaps I should give it a try? I was always considered the best dancer during my time with this musical group I joined as a kid :P

Cut Copy will be in Amsterdam this Thursday, I feel like seeing them

CUT COPY from Pink Dinosaur on Vimeo.

Oh wow, looks like so much fun! :D

Some images ;)

That's it. Enjoy the weekend!

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